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Property Listings

Buying and selling real estate isn’t a do-it-yourself endeavor. You need a home pricing expert, a skilled negotiator and a networking powerhouse on your side.

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Here You’ll find interesting articles, tips for selling and buying a home,  helpful videos on DIY, remodeling and so much more.

A Whole-House Cleaning Schedule You’ll Actually Stick To

The simplest way to keep your home reliably clean? Stick to a cleaning schedule. It’s not as daunting as it sounds. On the contrary, when set up correctly, it’s quite the opposite. “A whole-home cleaning schedule allows you to feel less stressed because you know that neat and tidy isn’t ever too far out of reach,” says Aby Garvey, organizing and productivity expert at Simplify 101.

What Does Active Contingent Mean in Real Estate?

If a home is listed as “Active, subject to inspection,” the buyer and seller have signed a purchase agreement (contract), but the buyer is allowed to cancel the deal if the buyer does not like the results of the home inspection. Usually these inspections take place a few days after the purchase agreement is signed. The contingency is removed after the buyer is satisfied with the inspection results.

How Often Should You Water Your Garden?

Even with a solid watering schedule, you should check the soil often to make sure your garden is getting enough water (and not too much!). It’s as simple as feeling the soil. If you can make a moist ball with the soil in the palm of your hand, it’s watered enough. If it starts to fall apart or feels cracked and hard, it will need some additional watering.

Major Loan Types Every Homebuyer Should Know

Need help financing a new property? Understanding the loan types is step one, but you’ll need the help of a qualified expert to get you into your dream home.
Reach out today to get connected with an expert who can help you, with no strings attached.

Buying a Cabin with Friends or Family

Co-owning a cabin requires extra communication. Be ready and comfortable to discuss details regarding finances and the use of the property.

Home Buying Tips That Never Go Out of Style

When it comes to signing a mortgage, you deserve to be picky! Shop around until you find the perfect fit. Ensure your mortgage is manageable, and that you have some extra financial cushion each month.

How To Determine Your Home’s Best Design Style

From all-white and neutral décor to vibrant paint and full walls, design trends have majorly shifted in recent years. Combine your property’s history with your personal preferences to find an interior design style you love.
Create a catalog of your favorite home features to inspire your home décor and design name.

Important: What You Need to Know About Home Loans

Pre-qualification and pre-approval both help you determine your search parameters and the amount of money you will likely be able to borrow for a mortgage.

Get The Most When Selling Your Home

It’s important to negotiate house offers to earn the best price and terms on the sale. Here are some insights you can use to accept the champion offer on your home.

How To Build Equity in a Home

Building equity is one of the primary financial benefits of homeownership. You don’t notice it while it’s happening, but if all goes well, you end up with a significant asset that you can use for almost any financial need.

The 8 Germiest Places in Your Kitchen

The kitchen has more places for cooties than anywhere else in your home — even more than your bathroom, on average.

How Tik Tok Has Influenced Home Design This Year

Taskrabbit, the online marketplace of service providers for home projects, analyzed 3.9 million Taskrabbit bookings from the last 12 months to gain insight into trending tasks and conducted a survey to learn how social media platforms pushed forward these trends.

Home Is Where Your Story Begins

Home is where your story begins. Home is the place you grow up wanting to leave and grow old wanting to come back.

The Best Month to Sell Your House

It’s true that today’s persistently low inventory is offering sellers an advantage even outside the typical spring home-selling season, but there is more that smart sellers need to keep in mind when it comes to timing the market.

The Ultimate Holiday Lights Safety Checklist

When it’s time to switch your holiday lights on, you’ll want to make sure that they’ve been assembled properly. A little preparation now will save you the potential hassle of restringing your lights later on – or more seriously, the potential hazard of a preventable winter fire.

Everything You Need to Know About Home Equity

In the simplest terms, home equity is the difference between what you owe on your mortgage and your home’s current market value. If you owe $100,000 on your mortgage and your home is worth $400,000, then you have 75% home equity. Conversely, if you have a remaining mortgage balance of $300,000 on your $400,000 house, you have 25% home equity.

First-time Homeowner Tips for the Holiday

Whether you’re preparing to host a full house of relatives or to leave town for an extended period of time, follow these tips to help navigate your first holiday season as a homeowner. First-time homeowners tips for the Holidays.

How to Organize Your Closet Once and for All

When it comes to home organization, tackling your bedroom closet is perhaps one of the most difficult yet ultimately satisfying tasks. While organizing a utility closet, linen closet, or pantry involves editing and categorizing everyday items such as cleaning supplies, towels, and nonperishable foods that probably don’t trigger any sentimental feelings, many of us become attached to our clothes, shoes, and accessories along with the memories sparked at the sight of them.

What Does En Suite Mean?

The term “en suite” comes from French and means “afterward” or “following.” While you could argue that en suite in real estate can be described as one room being situated after another room, the French word and the English word really have nothing to do with one another. Instead, the word “en suite” was adapted into the English language to mean “in the room” or “connected.” Though, nowadays, its only use is to refer to a very specific room in a house and nothing more.

Why Home Staging Inspires the Best Prices in Any Housing Market

Staging is the art of preparing a home to appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers in your market. The right arrangements can move you into a higher price-point and help buyers fall in love the moment they walk through the door.

Staging Your Lakeshore Property to Sell

Key insights when staging your lakeshore property
The waterfront area is the key to selling the property. When staging, be sure to start at the dock and work your way in.
Kitschy items are a lake cabin staple, but you want to be sure you’re not distracting from the home’s best features.
Stand out from other local sellers. Show off how the home can accommodate guests and share your favorite things about the area.

International Peace Day – End Racism. Build Peace.

Trust, inclusiveness, and cooperation are the after effect of peace among societies, both within and between nations. The harmonious co-existence of individuals is the aim of celebrating International Day of Peace. It is a day of celebration to recognize the efforts of all those who have and continue to build a Culture of Peace. The United Nations invites every individual around the globe to strive toward a world where harmony wins over hostility.

The Best Hidden Secrets To Get Rid Of Mosquitos

Getting rid of pesky mosquitos, Instead of spraying the whole yard with toxic pesticides in order to enjoy your time outside, try these natural solutions that will keep these bothersome bugs at bay.

A Simple Remodel Leads to Insanely Beautiful Garden

Remodeled Wisconsin Farmhouse offers a "Gardeners Dream" for $415,000     You might also like: Ways to Go Green in the Kitchen  

Pre-qualified vs. pre-approved: What’s the difference?

Getting pre-qualified and pre-approved for a mortgage are both important steps in the homebuying process. While pre-qualification and pre-approval may seem intimidating, they don’t have to be! This article explains both and offers some background for your reference.

Ways to Go Green in the Kitchen

Not only is an updated kitchen one of the best home renovations to boost your resale value (with an estimated 78.4 percent return on investment), but improving your kitchen can also lead to a more efficient and green-friendly home.

May Gardening: What to Do This Month

Soon the warm days will outnumber the cool ones. You’ll be able to get outdoors more often to get in the garden. You’ll need to tackle some gardening maintenance tasks and follow a lawn care schedule to keep your property in top shape.

Staging A House For Sale: A Seller’s Guide

Over the years, your family has created a home that perfectly suits you. Maybe the traditional living room has transformed into a TV room for your video-game-obsessed kids and the basement is your at-home fitness studio.
Everyone develops a home flow that works best for them. But when it comes time to sell, you don’t want to show buyers how you live. You want to showcase the features of your space and offer potential homebuyers a peek into how their lives can fit into your house.

6 Tips to Help Keep Your Pet Tick-Free

Pets are just as susceptible to ticks and tick-borne illnesses as we are, which makes taking precautions essential.

Are Smart Kitchen Appliances Worth the Money?

Smart home technology is showing up in more devices every day, like washing machines: dryers, fridges, stoves, locks, lights and heating and air conditioning.

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