Homebuying tips for creating a safe and comfortable space for your pet.

For dog lovers, there are few things better than coming home after a stressful day at work to an excited dog who provides you with the comfort, love and support you seek. Our pets are valued members of our family

In fact, a recent study conducted by Harris Poll of millennials and their pets revealed that they are often motivated by their dogs when house hunting.  The desire for a better space or yard for their dog had a major influence on their decision to buy their first home.  The study also found that dogs were among the top three motivators cited by 33 percent of buyers, compared with 25 percent who mentioned marriage and 19 percent who mentioned the birth of a child.

Whether you’re a millennial or a baby boomer, if you’re a pet lover looking to buy a pet friendly home here are some tips for buying the best home for man’s (or woman’s) best friend.

Put Together A List of Home Features: Be sure to take your pet’s needs into consideration. Determine what features or lack of features may be a deal breaker.

A Fenced in Yard for Safety: The number one feature most homebuyers consider is a fenced in yard. Homes with existing pets may have invisible fencing; be sure to ask.

Pet Friendly Landscaping: Consider the choice of flowers and plants inside and outside the home when buying greenery. Many common shrubs like Azaleas, certain shady yard plants like Fern and Ivies and some spring flowers like daffodils are all poisonous to your pets.

Stairs: If you have an elderly dog that will need to navigate stairs think about ramps, porches, decks and other areas your pet will need to circumnavigate.

Water Hazards: Does your potential home have a pond, pool or other water feature on the property? Determine if it is something that can be made safe for your pet. 

Screened in Windows: Check to make sure the window screens are securely fastened to avoid any chance of your dog jumping through the screen.

The Traffic: While you may always have your dog on a leash there may be times when they escape out the front door. Will they be rushing into a busy street or a quiet Cul-de-sac? 

The Neighborhood: Are there other pet owners in the area? Drive or walk the neighborhood to see if there is evidence of a dog house in the yards? Is there a dog park nearby? Take the time to consider how happy your pet will be. Your pet is as much of the community as you and your children.

Services That Cater to Your Pet: How close is the pet store from your home? Are there emergency pet centers, veterinarians, dog parks, city parks, sidewalks and pathways where you can safely walk your dog?

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