Why do buyers love mid-century modern, and how can sellers incorporate it into their homes?

If you’ve watched a house-flipping show, visited Pinterest or taken a peek into interior design, you’ve likely run into the term “mid-century modern.” The design trend is taking over everything from furniture to wall decor to light fixtures.

Homeowners, buyers and sellers all seem interested in mid-century modern properties. Whether you’re staging your home for sale or you’ve just purchased a property and want to upgrade your interior design, be sure to keep these mid-century modern styling tips in mind.

What is mid-century modern?

The original mid-century modern period began in the 1930s and ended in the 1960s. However, mid-century modern design continues to be a favorite choice among homeowners and property buyers today.

The mid-century modern style is a design movement best known for its colorful, minimalist and functional characteristics. The unique aesthetic of mid-century modern can be expressed through anything from furniture to graphic design. Here are some additional standout features of the mid-century modern style:

  • Blend of organic and geometric forms
  • Clean lines and clutter-less
  • Mixture of materials and textures
  • Plenty of natural light and exciting light fixtures

Where to shop for mid-century modern pieces

Due to its popularity, mid-century modern furniture pieces can be found anywhere from vintage and antique stores to big box retail stores like Target and Walmart. This makes shopping for mid-century modern decor elements extremely convenient, especially if you’re looking to score a great deal on new furniture.

And if you want an original piece or two, be sure to check out local second-hand shops and antique stores. With baby boomers clearing their attics and basements, mid-century modern treasures are being unearthed and donated every day!

Small changes for a big mid-century modern effect

If you’re hoping to make small updates to modernize an outdated house, or you’d like to add a fresh design style when staging your home before selling, consider adding pops of mid-century modern around the property. The clean lines of mid-century modern furniture and art will look great in-person and online. Plus, the minimalist mid-century modern style will help to make the house’s best features stand out by complementing (rather than competing with) the space.

Plus, keep in mind that buyers are likely to love a house with a mid-century modern style. In fact, according to the furniture company Joybird, mid-century modern is the #1 preferred design trend in Minnesota and the #2 in Wisconsin.

Mid-century modern design elements

When decorating your space in a mid-century modern style, look for quality pieces of furniture and home decor that include:

  • Sideboards
  • Long, low couches
  • Glass coffee tables
  • Modern-colored paintings and walls
  • Starburst wall hangings
  • Pendant light fixtures and floor lamps
  • Clean, wooden side tables
  • Rugs featuring geometric patterns or lines
  • Brass elements, such as knobs or picture frames

These design elements are key features of mid-century modern design and will certainly help enhance the look and feel of your space.

Making the move to mid-century modern

Now that you’ve invested in a mid-century modern decor style, it’s time to sit back and relax, while taking in the beauty of your new space. And, if you’ve put in the work to upgrade your home so it’s ready to sell, reach out to Betty Most or one of our agents. We’re able to help you post your mid-century modern home on the market.

Looking for more mid-century modern design inspiration? Take a look at our carefully curated mid-century modern Pinterest board. Here, you’ll find everything from single mid-century modern furniture pieces to entire homes decked out in mid-century modern displays.

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