What is Home Staging and How Can it Help Me Sell My Home

When the housing market is hot and sellers are in charge, all you need to do is put your home on the market and wait for the offers to start pouring in. But when the housing market turns challenging, selling your home for a good price becomes a lot more of a challenge. In a difficult real estate market there are far more homes up for sale than there are willing buyers, and that means that you need to do everything you can to make your own home stand out from the crowd.

Staging your home properly is one of the most effective ways to make your home look like the cream of the crop. The right staging can make your home rise to the top of the real estate market, and that can help you get top dollar in even the most difficult of real estate markets.

What Is Home Staging?

The term home staging generally refers to the art of making your home look its best. When you stage your home, you invite buyers to picture themselves in your home, and that can help you get the offers that lead to a quick sale.

When the home is staged properly, potential buyers will be able to see themselves in your home, and on an unconscious level those home shoppers will have already begun thinking of your house as their home. Home staging works on a practical level by making your home look its best, but it also works on an emotional level by fostering a strong connection between potential buyers and your home.

Exterior Home Staging

Staging your home should begin long before those potential buyers step through the front door. The landscaping in front of your house is an essential part of home staging, and potentially one of the most important.

When considering the importance of exterior home staging, just keep in mind that many potential buyers simply drive around the neighborhood looking for their new place to live. The first thing those drive-by buyers see is the landscaping in front of your home. Something as simple as an attractive flower bed or hanging plant by the mailbox can make a huge impression on those potential buyers, and encourage them to stop by for a private visit.

Interior Home Staging

Staging your home begins on the outside, but it does not stay there. For best results that staging should extend to the interior of your home as well. When staging your home, the first thing you should do is eliminate the clutter that could turn off potential buyers and make your home look smaller than it is. Move those unwanted items to a storage shed or garage, then arrange the furniture in each room to make that room look as spacious, elegant and roomy as possible.

You can use simple and inexpensive design elements to make those rooms look larger and more inviting. Something as simple as placing a large wall mirror behind the couch makes your living room look larger and more elegant. Placing your bed on an angle helps create a modern feel and makes the room look for interesting for potential buyers. These simple updates cost little or nothing, but they can make a huge difference in how your home looks to potential buyers.