Using simple design ideas can make your house more appealing on the inside

Are you one of the many people that have a home for sale?  Is it not selling, even though you have advertised?  Have many people looked at it, but no one has made an offer?  You might be asking yourself why it can’t attract the person that really wants it.  In that case, you may find your answers here.

The bottom line is that when people buy a house they want it in move-in condition.  They don’t want to have to spend time and money to repair items or upgrade them.  Your major competitors are builders.  Newly constructed homes are very enticing to buyers.  It is just like buying a vehicle.  You will always remember that unique smell of your first brand new car.  The same concept applies to home buyers.

That does not mean you have to turn your house upside down.  There are some very effective design ideas that can make your house more appealing on the inside.

Start looking at your home not with the eyes of people that have lived there for a while, but see it from a new angle.  First look at the overall color scheme of your home.  Different and vibrant colors can turn a lot of prospective buyers away.   In addition, evaluate the condition of the paint.  If it is a few years old, it is time to have the walls repainted.  This does not mean you have to paint everything stark white.  There are now many off-white paint colors on the market in wonderful shades and nuances.  Choose a paint color with a nice inviting name like sandy beach. 

Continue with the floors.  Since we are so used to walking on them, our eyes don’t see how floors wear out over time.  If your home has hardwood floors, you should get them freshly cleaned and finished.  If your carpet is fairly new and in a neutral color, deep clean it.  If you have pets, this is imperative.  If you have really dark or worn carpets, replace them.  Coordinate the carpet with the wall colors, but remember to keep the colors nice and soft.  Light, neutral colors will always make your rooms look fresh and roomy.  In addition, your prospective buyers will be moving in with their own furniture and artwork.  Your colors need to accommodate their belongings, not the other way around!

Kitchens and bathrooms are another very important aspect of a home.  Installing a new vanity or mirror with some nice lighting will work wonders for a bathroom.  The most popular way to upgrade a kitchen is a nice counter top.  This works well because your prospective buyers can see themselves preparing their food on a surface that has not been used.

There is another aspect of interior design that is overlooked by a lot of sellers:  They are reasonable about spending money, time and effort to add things to increase home appeal, but what about removing items?  Ask yourself if you have any objects on display that might be unappealing to people outside your family and friends.  This could include artwork with offensive subject matter, or even a lot of pet items everywhere.  Not everyone has pets or even likes them.  If you have certain hobbies, this is also a good time to pack up your collections.  Not everyone will be as excited about a piece of sheet metal signed by your favorite race car driver as you are.

This may seem like a lot of effort at first, but keep in mind the reward that awaits you: Walking out of the settlement office with that check in your hand!