A Home Inspection Could Save You Thousands

Buying a home is a big decision and without performing home inspections prior to closing, can be a costly one.  Many people decide not to spend the extra five-hundred to a thousand dollars worth of inspections only to find they spend more after closing to fix problems that could have avoided.

Once you decide to make an offer on a home, contact your real estate professional to help you fill out the purchase and sale agreement.  As part of the purchase and sale, you can decide which inspections you would like to have performed and the time period in which you need to complete them.

Most real estate professionals would recommend the following home inspections:

General Building Inspection

This would include inspection of entire home, making sure that everything is safe and in working condition.  A good inspector will not only check the roof surface, but estimate the remaining life of the roof, check the eaves, vents, flashing and trim, and the general condition and quality of the building.

Sewage Disposal

The sewage inspection will be an overall inspection to make sure the sewage is draining properly and meets the required codes for that particular town.  If there is a problem discovered, your real estate professional can recommend how this can be dealt with.  Problems with the septic system can take as much as ten-thousand dollars to correct.

Water Quality

A simple water test will let you know how safe the water is to drink.  A common bacteria in water is coli form.  This can be treated by “shocking” the well.  However, there may be other problems that make the water unsafe.  A water test can cost anywhere between fifty and a hundred-dollars, but well worth the money spent in keeping your family safe.


A test can be done to check the radon levels in the air, as well as the water.  Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that is suspected, although not proven, of causing lung cancer.

These inspections are highly recommended by real estate professionals.  The initial cost may seem high, but if you had to replace a well, or septic system, the cost would be much higher.

Should you opt not to do any inspections on the home you wish to purchase, your real estate professional may have you sign a waiver, stating they have advised you to perform them and will not be held liable.