The mudroom may be getting renamed and becoming much more of a necessity.

A home’s mudroom may be getting renamed the “disinfection room.” In an era of a pandemic, preventing the spread of bad germs is high on most people’s lists. The mudroom is gaining prominence as a spot to sanitize before heading further inside.

Mudroom and disinfection spaces can be added even in the tightest spots, but the location is even more important nowadays. Homeowners may even want multiple spots near every exterior door leading inside. Most often, mudrooms are placed in a front entryway or near the garage.

You can keep it simple. A space for coat hooks, a bench, and cubbies to store shoes are the main elements. But consider adding some extra wall hooks to hang masks and a basket full of hand sanitizer to clean hands before heading deeper inside.

Check out these pictures of stylish mudroom/disinfection rooms.

Keep it Simple

Lindsey Childs, Navy and Gray Designs

Sharon Nash, Grayson Group LLC

Jennifer Porvin, Modern Desert Interiors

Article by Melissa Dittmann Tracey, courtesy of REALTOR® Magazine