These might seem like small details, but buyers will definitely notice.

While preparing your home to sell, you’re likely focused on the big-ticket items that have the highest impact on potential buyers. Real estate agents often tout the benefits of freshly painted walls, an updated kitchen, and new carpeting to boost your home’s appeal.

While these kinds of tasks (along with decluttering and a hefty deep-cleaning) can be incredibly important to a successful sale, you don’t want to forget about the smaller, often overlooked areas of your home. Even the tiniest drip of a faucet, a stuck drawer, or a squeaky set of stairs can deter buyers. Tackle home repairs before you have buyers viewing your home.

BefHome repair before you sell your home.ore you put up that for-sale sign, go room-by-room, including the exterior, and tackle these minor repairs to help sell your home as quickly as possible.

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1. Fix Anything (Big or Small) That Is Broken

Simple things, such as a door that is hard to latch, a drawer that sticks, or a cooktop burner that doesn’t heat, could be red flags during a home showing. You’ve learned to ignore these little annoyances, but a buyer will notice. Make sure you don’t miss these details while you’re making a to-do list for each room.

2. Quiet Any Annoying Sounds

Silence squeaky doors, windows, floors, and stairs. Whistling windows could indicate an air leak that will need to be taken care of before you try to sellA ceiling fan that has developed a rattle might need its blade screws tightened, or its mount might be loose. Listen carefully to identify any troublesome sounds that might have become background noise to you over the years.

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3. Look for and Remedy Any Leaks

Check the usual culprits where leaks can develop: faucets and toilets. Look for water damage around windows and doors and on ceilings. One sign of a possible underground leak: a puddle or a lush spot in your yard. Leaks can go from a small drip to a big problem, so don’t shrug off a little excess water here and there. You should manage any leaks before your home hits the market.

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